Monday, March 31, 2008

Indo-US Nuclear Deal - Myth & Reality

A great deal has been said and written about the Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal – most of it simply myth. What is the reality?

Myth No.1 is that America will be doing a great favour to India by selling nuclear reactors and raw material.

The truth is that America has entered into an agreement with France, Britain, Russia and China not to transfer nuclear technology to any other country except among them. India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and Iran are the only countries who can use nuclear technology. Obviously, India is the only country to which America would like to sell nuclear technology. America wants to get rid of its surplus supply of nuclear reactors and raw material and make money out of it.

Myth No.2 is that by signing this deal India would be joining the club of five Nuclear Nation States of the World.

The truth is that by doing so India would be signing indirectly the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty without enjoying the power and privileges of the five Nuclear Nation States.

Myth No. 3 is that even after entering into this deal India would be free to manufacture nuclear bomb, if need be.

The truth is that after entering into an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Authority, India would be subject to the same sort of inspection and scrutiny to which Iran is being subjected at present.

Myth No. 4 is that electricity produced through nuclear technology will solve our future energy requirements.

The truth is that electricity produced through nuclear technology is costlier than electricity produced through any other means. Even the most developed countries of the world find it uneconomical, what to talk of a poor country like India.

Moreover producing electricity through nuclear technology involves total dependence upon other countries and storage and disposal of hazardous nuclear waste material.

Can we afford it? Can this be our first priority?

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