Thursday, September 28, 2006


The key to world peace lies in the formation of a World Federal Government.

The World Federal Government should ideally comprise the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas, Australia & New Zealand, and rest of the world.

All members of the WFG should have an equal right to vote.

The Constitution of WFG should have democracy, rule of law, preservation of human rights, equality of opportunity and a secular approach towards social, economic and political ideologies and issues as its basic features.

It should have its own World Federal Army and World Federal Court.

Each continent of the world should have its own World Regional Government comprising Nation States within the continent and a Constitution, Army and Court similar to that of WFG.

In case there is a dispute between one region of the world and another, it should be solved by the WFG. Similarly, if there is a dispute between one Nation State and another within a particular region, it should be solved by the WRG of that particular region alone.

The same pattern should be adopted for States within a Nation State or City States like Singapore.

Special emphasis should be given to Local Self-Government within a State because it is primarily responsible for the welfare of the people at the grass-root level.

There should be strict division of duties and responsibilities among the various units of the WFG.

For example, the WFG should deal with only those issues which are of a global nature, such as world-peace, world environment, world travel, world communications, space research, world health care, world trade, world finance, world broadcasting, poverty alleviation, etc.

The WRG should deal with issues, which are normally dealt with by nation-States with special emphasis on those that relate to language, culture and way of life of the people of that particular region.

Each federating unit will maintain its own police and para military forces, and will be responsible for maintaining peaceful relations among its member States.

The Local Self Government organizations should concern themselves with the basic necessities of life, such as education, housing, job creation, health care, sanitation, water and electricity supply, transport, etc. and the most capable technical and experienced people should be put in charge of such organizations.

At the bottom level, the family should be considered as the basic unit of the WFG and
should be enabled to perform its duties in the most desirable manner.

I believe in this age of advanced technology, internet, television, cell phone, jet planes and bullet trains, we have got the means to lead a peaceful and satisfactory lifestyle, if only we are able to apply our minds in the right direction.



meenu said...

Excellent proposal.

But will the "present powers" let it happen or are we awaiting a big world disorder which will leave us with no option other than to go back to the basic principles of living & prosper TOGETHER.......?

- meenu

ramesh said...

its a good idea, but which politician worth his calling, anywhere in the world wants to improve any begins at home, they say, so why dont u suggest sth for our country, or indeed our capital city, eg, an all party govt for Delhi, coz as it is no one gets a majority and all parties, without exception have discredited themselves thoroughly in the past two decades or so....keeping in view the impending commonwealth games, its an opportune moment to try this out...

Anonymous said...

its a gr8 idea! now pass it on to Mr Sashi Throor; may be it will revive his candidacy for the post of Secy Gen.